April 29th, 2011


Considering Dread Removal

I've had my locks for over a year and am currently considering combing them out. I've read the memories, I know it is advised that I give myself some time to really think about it, but this feeling has been creeping back more and more over the last few weeks and last night I was very close to grabbing a comb and starting the removal process.

My reasons?

My skin condition (sebhorreic dermatitis) has really flared up lately and I've not been able to settle it. It's caused my scalp to become very painful, with open sores, lots of flaking and whenever this has happened in the past I've just taken clippers to my hair and rocked the shaved look for a while. It's been about 5yrs since the last time my condition has gotten this bad and having dreadlocks this time round has made my life a little miserable because of it. I also regret colouring them black recently and know that it'll be expensive to reverse this as there is no way I'm going to attempt it alone.

I don't know why I'm posting this really, I guess it's because I know there will be people on the community who will understand the decision I'm faced against here.

I guess, if I do comb them out or shave them off, I can always just start again one day again if my condition improves. This never has to be the end so to speak. I just waited so long to get them and I feel like I'll be cheating myself if I get rid of them after one a year of having them.

Meh :(
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combed a few..

well this morning and a few days ago I just started to take dreads apart and undo them. I dont know why I did.. mainly because some were falling apart and splitting at the root. I did have natural sectioning and I'm thinking that its pretty likely the reason.. I've realized hair sections itself off eventually by itself, plus my hair is of fine texture. but its knotted considerably well. and with some they were just a pain to take apart.. but I dont mind having brushable spots right now.. theyre mini knots basically and just make me look like a fuzzy feral animal again. I dont know if I should get rid of them, especially since they are about nine months. they'd be a year in july, Im willing to put up with its fuzziness currently.. I've read practically all of the memories on roots, splitting, ripping dreads apart, dread removal. etc. my main areas of issue were the back and sides.. not really near the crown area or front of my head.. those are fine. and the dreads on the bottom near my neck are fine too. so I'm slowly going to do those over in maybe a few months..

needless to say, even if I do end up chopping. I'll still be active here. such a  supportive community!
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Hair maintenance - Ft. Collins, Co

Is there anyone that lives anywhere near this area in Colorado, and would be willing to do some root maintenance for little to no barter? I'm sorry for the lack of compensation offered. I can draw you a picture? :D

The problem I have right now is a little weird. The dreads are in a sort of bi-hawk formation, with the sides shaved. I'm fine with the sides shaved, but down the middle was cut in a dumb drunken fight. That portion is almost grown enough to re-dread and re-attach the old dreads to. And I need roots worked on.

It's a little rough.

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The short version of how a dreadlock is born.

5 month mark May 1st! So excited. :) Unfortunately, all photos from month 2 to the present are nonexistant because my camera is broken!


So instead, here are some delightful photobooth photos as well as one that the boyfriend took with his phone while we were walking our dog.

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In other non dread related issues, I'm having a ton of trouble stretching my ears currently. Everything has been smooth sailing up until this point and now I've hit a brick wall. I'm currently at 0g (8mm?) and I'm trying to stretch to 00. They've been this size since October, and they will not budge. I tried using a steel taper 2 months ago, no luck. I let my ears heal and then attempted to tape the plugs with teflon tape to try stretching gradually. My ears got SUPER irritated and swollen. So that idea went out the window. I bought some steel spiral earrings so I can use o-rings and just push it in a little farther every few days. My ears bled.


I now have cat butt ears. I know for pretty darn certain that I had very minimal scar tissue before this most recent escapade and now my ears hate me. I'm going to give them a few months to heal, but does anyone have any advice? I know quite a few of you here have stretched ears and I would just like to know what I'm doing wrong, because so far up until this point I was doing everything by the book and had nice looking, (and nice feeling) healthy lobes! Now they're all ugly and miserable. Tips? Do some ears really just not have it in them to stretch any further? I'd like to eventually go all the way to 1". Since this all has happened, I've been massaging my earlobes everyday in the hot shower with vitamin e oil. Anything else I can do?



/End post. I love you GUDU. :)