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14-16 months? [01 May 2011|11:23pm]
i split a dread i combined early on recently and it made me feel so much better about my hair. i also did a little cleaning up of my loose hairs with a carpet needle... i don't know how much it helped but i like where my dreads are at and where they are going. always fighting off the urge to do something drastic like shave my head but i'm just ridiculously impulsive and take my lack of control out on my hair more often than not. i've done considerably well and feel like i'm another example of a person learning a much needed lesson in patience in their dread journey.

i couldn't figure out how to resize my pictures on this computer so
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well, that's all i have. just figured i'd check in since it's been awhile. you're all looking beautiful. later on gudu.
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