May 4th, 2011

aj - girl, interrupted


I'm about a week away from four months in (yay!), and my head noodles are still doing funny things. My roots aren't dreading themselves yet so there's some space before the dreads start. A lot of them are super tight and skinny at the base, and then fat and more fluffy in the middle, with long tapered ends that are still mostly brushable. Silly silly hairs of mine, but I loves them so!

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hey everyone heres an update on my babies i think im at about 4 months or so now. Anyways there'll be more shots of me out and about soon as summer is swiftly on its way. But heres some shots to keep ya busy. I spent last week at the ocean and the salt water did wonders for em theyve really gotten quite tight and im amazed at how much theyve shrunk.

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