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Behold the DreadBeard! [11 May 2011|01:00am]
My dreads will officially be 1 month old tomorrow! So, in celebration of patience throughout the first month...behold....THE DREAD BEARD! Another product of my lack of sleep.
Inspired when I was in the movie theater for Thor! Amazing movie btw.
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[11 May 2011|12:48pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

I posted slightly recently but a recent trip to the Bay Area produced a lot of pictures of the back of my head. The last time I posted I also complained about a sectioning issue on one part of my head, but it has once again morphed somehow and I dont notice it nearly as much as I did before. There is a definite sense of satisfaction in just letting them do what they want and seeing some things i've wanted to happen, do so with little to no help at all.

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