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trip to colorado & dancing grief [19 May 2011|12:18pm]
hi, friends. :)

it has been some time since i've posted. i've been pretty busy these days, trying to keep my head above water both personally and professionally. i feel like i'm starting to strike some kind of balance in my life and i've made conscious choices to actively seek out that union. i am a human work in progress.

i recently took a road trip to colorado with my love jason to visit one of my favorite dreadheads, my buddy paul. jason and i packed up the car and too the drive from dallas to denver, spent a few days in colorado and then returned through new mexico and across the entirety of texas. the photos in this post are a combination of mine and jason's shots. this particular one is jason's and is of our new friend randy in the mountains of boulder:

this post is very pic-heavy. i also talk a lot.Collapse )
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