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First post! Meep! I've been lurking for at least five years! [23 May 2011|01:56pm]
Hey happy people!

I'm a first time poster, long time reader/ member. My locks turn five this December. (Crazy!) I read all the memories and tips here before we started them -- no wax, ever, yay!! I love Get Up Dread up!!! I have recommended it to every single wanting-to-dread friend I have had! (At last count, I'm the inspiration-mother of at least five sets of locks.)

OK, so in January I posted a tutorial on my blog that my friends really pushed and pushed to have me link to here. But I was intimidated. Really, really intimidated (for probably no reason at all except I admire the heck out of all y'all!) So, I didn't do it, even though I should have. But my really awesome friend girlgoth  keeps pushing, and I promised, so this is especially for her!!! (And also for kettunainen  and [info]myrrhdusa )

How to make felted yarn dreadlocks for your 'locks!

(Just to note: these are for temporary installs, when you want a shot of color in your hair, but don't want to dye. The felting makes the wool more gnarly looking and also reduces the fuzz. I suppose you could just put wool yarn in your hair, but then you might get more lint.)

OK, and also, because I'm here and I might as well: five pics behind the cut :-D Read more...Collapse )
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3 years old [23 May 2011|03:22pm]
The business on my head turned 3 on the 8th. Here is an ENORMOUS timeline. 80+ photos under the cut. including my bare ass.Collapse )
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its been awhile! [23 May 2011|09:50pm]

&you're in for a surprise, guys!Collapse )
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