May 25th, 2011

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After a couple years of watching a friend lurk and a few months of lurking myself, here I am :) My name is Marcy and I will be 23 in 20 days. Ive always had a love and fascination of dreads but was never sure if I could do it myself or not. Ive reached a point in life where I know that this is something I truly want! My hair has been an inch or shorter for around six years and ive finally let it grow out in preperation for dreading. I wasnt planning on starting them for a few more months but im going to Texas in 15 days to visit a friend who has 6 month old dreads and really got me started on the whole thing, and she wants to start mine. So we are going to give it a shot even though my hair is still fairly short. In any case im excited! And if it doesnt work, we'll just do it again!