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6 cool dread hairstyle video [28 May 2011|01:20pm]
 I found this video randomly on the side list...and thought it would be cool to share with GUDU.   this video shows 6 dreadhair styles, including doing buns and braids.  even she has nice dreads!! check it out :)

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Deep Clean! [28 May 2011|03:48pm]
My dreads will be 3 years next week, so I figured I'd celebrate with a deep clean!

Second set - 2 years & 9 months

I haven't done one in almost 2 years.

Warning -- disgusting pics aheadCollapse )
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[28 May 2011|10:00pm]
My dreadies got a little makeover :) thanks to my patient husband a a large needle + the wonderful GUDU memories! yay! I always wanted to experiment with it and here it is...

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[28 May 2011|10:35pm]
Long time, no post. I have an updated new back-of-my-face photo, and etsy shop coupon code, and a request for opinions on some new hats I've been working on...

...and goCollapse )

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