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How to stay cool at the Renn Faire. [30 May 2011|05:37pm]
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kitchenbutt v3.0! [30 May 2011|06:17pm]
i'm still stuck on the sofa recovering from surgery (see my lj for the minimal details i've made public), & gorthok has been lovely in caring for me. clearly he felt i deserved extra treats today, as i was blessed with the appearance of kitchenbutt v3.0!

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Ahoy mateys! Been Forever! [30 May 2011|11:30pm]
 Hey guys! It's been forever since I've posted here, and a LOT HAS HAPPENED! 

First off, I graduated from art school with a BFA in Ceramics! WOO HOOOO! 

Secondly, on a more sad note, my life has been strayed very far from the norm, due to the fact that my mom decided randomly one day that she was going to leave my dad. Her timing was horrific (I had two weeks of classes left, with finals on my mind already), and she's already getting with a different dude. Anyway. 

Thirdly. I cut my bangs so that they are now sort of straight across kind of. I did it myself, and I guess it works. I have bunches of pictures for you from graduation, my senior show preview party, a pirate party I went to, and a few other randoms. I'll try to keep them in order for ya... haha. 

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