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[04 Jun 2011|06:52am]
This post, as a forewarning, is going to be long as hell. It's been forever since I've posted! And a totally wild six-or-so months. :)

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DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS [04 Jun 2011|03:32pm]
Hey everyone making my 'monthly' as it seems to be now post. All the pics ive take before were with my webcam so the quality definitely wasnt the best. Here are some detailed pics taken with my digital camera. Still loving the journey and all the crazy wacky things happening up there stupid little loops and whatnot. Would love to find someone in my area (detroit) that could sew in some of my loose hairs without wanting to crochet or rootflip anything and not charge me 135135315616136 dollars an hour but thats hard to find thus far. Anyways enjoy the pics and as usual ill keep ya updated. Oh and I managed to get outa work early today to go fishing which i probably shouldnt have done but my soul needed it ;P

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randomousity [04 Jun 2011|06:52pm]

guys, i learned how to make dread sleeves! wooooo! i'm absurdly proud of myself.
peyote stitch is a lot easier, but a lot more frustrating than i expected.

side note: i'm sooo happy the activity around here picked back up!
i was having lovely dreadie withdrawal for a little bit, there. <3

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4 months and the end [04 Jun 2011|10:10pm]

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It was feeling like time for a change. I was really craving brushable hair again, and I was missing being able to scratch my scalp and run my fingers through my hair! I've also been geeking out and thinking about costumes I want to do for cosplay lately, and there's a character I want to cosplay with hair like how mine will look once it grows out a little - so that clenched it. Wigs are expensive! ;p I probably should have thought it over longer but with all the changes in my life lately, it felt really right and I'm really pleased with the result - I cut off all the dreads and then shaved what was left and left my fringe. Here's hoping I don't regret it in the coming weeks! Haha. I'm sure I'll have dreads again someday!
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