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14 months [05 Jun 2011|03:02pm]

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Obligatory Introductory Post :D [05 Jun 2011|05:36pm]
Hi folks! I've been lurking around this community for a long time, admiring everyone's lovely hair, and educating myself in art of dreadification. About 6 months ago I finally decided I wanted to dread my hair, but it was so short I wanted to grow my hair out first. Last month I was getting so frustrated with my long(longer than I prefer) hair that I was left with 2 choices, start dreadlocks NOW or I'd end up shaving my head in a fit of pique.

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I learned that I'm horrible at backcombing(not at all surprised), but I think I was doing a little better by the time I finished. Some of them have started coming together rather nicely, while others stubbornly sit there saying "No, no, I don't want to"; I love them anyway.
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Cut off [05 Jun 2011|07:18pm]
 So I cut my dreads off today. I loved them and worked hard on them, but it was time for a change. I hope to have dreads again in the future. But today my son and I both cut our hair. It was his first haircut. It was sad but feels good at the same time. I'm keeping the green though!
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