June 7th, 2011


Dreadlocks Graduate!

this is my man (now fiancé;)
He graduated from GRADUATE SCHOOL last month with his
Master's Degree in Music Therapy!
No Babylon system will take (wo)man's dreads away!

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I know these aren't the BEST dread pictures but I've been slacking with my posts here & I wanted to share.  I have a ton more pictures to come eventually... but for now, this is what you get.    Also if you have a chance, check out my new Etsy shop here with super cute handcrafted origami crane earrings.  These earrings look fab on any ears but especially on crunchy granola folk with knotty dreadlocks (or not so crunchy but with dreads anyways)! 

thanks for looking!

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 Hello everyone! I'm a lurker, have been too lazy to post my own timeline. Since I have a surprise day off work I figured I could start the day with sharing some pics with all you beautiful dreadheads!  I apologize for the picture quality, most were taken over the last few months with people's iPhones and Blackberrys, they are huge and I can't seem to get them to resize.   Collapse )


Hi! I'm Lydia. I've been lurking this community for years, learning and admiring everyone's lovely dreads. I'm so excited to be able to post finally!

I put my first ever baby dread in my hair on May 25. It's not even a month old yet, and I've already seen it change so much! I figured I would put one in and see what my hair does with it, and one day in the future, dread my entire head.

I have two pictures under the cut, one from day one and one from yesterday. The difference is crazy to me.

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Sorry for the cell phone pictures. They just happen to be the only thing I've documented the dread baby with so far.