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..I have to fly to Houston [16 Jun 2011|11:12am]

...for a two week work trip as of Monday. I will be staying and working through the weekend, too....meaning, I have to miss SF Pride, a time in which I *always* Safety Monitor!

Are there any GUDU members in Houston who wanna hook up and hang out? I've never been there, and I'm hoping to at least catch some of the Pride celebration on Saturday and hang out with people who aren't corporate suit types. I'm hoping not to be hiding in the hotel the entire time I'm there...help! :)
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Foaming Dreadlock Shampoo [16 Jun 2011|11:29am]
Hi All! I'm a SAHM Dreadlocked Momma of 3 starting my own business. I've been a part of this community since I started my dreads about 3 1/2 years ago. I made this for my hair and decided to start selling it to others. There really isn't a product available like this. Check It Out!! Amanda

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19 months and some for fun [16 Jun 2011|04:21pm]

I got new sunglasses and can now get all of my hair in a ponytail!

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I'm still here... [16 Jun 2011|06:13pm]

Hello again GUDU! My dreads will be 4years old in a month! It's been a while since I posted....

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