June 17th, 2011

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Greetings beautiful GUDU!

I am Anne-Marie, and I am from New Zealand. I’ve been lurking here for about 18 months, admiring all the gorgeous dread people, but not posting because of scary LJ [which I am not familiar with]. However, my dreads are two and a half years old this month and I’ve decided it’s time to make myself known at GUDU. So here I am.

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Dreads 2010

3-Year Dreadiversary!

Happy 3 years to my second set!

Dreadlocks - second set - 3 years!

They've come a long way in the last three years! For the ones I split last year, I'm still getting some shrinkage and a TON of squiggles, but they're starting to get thicker already and I seem to be gaining length in general. I'm really happy with this set -- they have so much more texture and personality than my first set. :-)

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Finally getting started (with super short dreads!)

So I have been planning to start my dreads during my Texas vacation, which was going to be late summer or early fall. Well if ended up being mid-June! So my hair is a decent bit shorter than planned (about 3 inches.) However I REALLY wanted my best friend to start my dreads since she has them as well. So we gave it a shot! Ive only got the back part of my head done currently because we ran out of time so im trying to find someone at home that can finish the rest of them for me. The two people that started them for me I feel did a really good job, they are tight and well formed (this is only day 2, im aware many changes will be coming, but im happy to feel like ive got a good start.) Im actually scared that I wont be able to find anyone to do as good of a job on the rest of my hair!

I havent got a chance to upload pics from my camera yet but here are a few from my phone :-)

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Travel: direction

How do you keep it from turning to mush?

A loooooong time ago, I remembered seeing LUSH products recommended here. Before I left Dallas a few weeks ago, I made it a point to visit LUSH and snag some solid shampoo samples. I'm now thoroughly in lust with Seanik. Now that I'm stuck in rural upstate New York for a while, I'm planning to do that newfangled orderin' thang from these-a-here interwebs... Yay for technology!

My question... yes I have one. I promise. It comes.

I travel a lot. I live in a tent on a camp ground most of the year. My shower stuff is usually stuffed into some kind of toiletries bag and then left in my hot car or dangling from a nearby tree. Because of this, I haven't had good experience with soap bars in the past. I haven't figured out a way to give my soap time to dry while protecting it from the icky nasty dirty everything. Consequently, my soap bars tend to get all mushy quickly and don't last very long. This is part of why I've been such a diehard fan of Bronners for so long, especially when I stayed in places that hat nice, soft water.

So then... For those of you who use LUSH solid shampoos, how best do you recommend I keep and care for mine? I like the idea of the little tin they sell, and that seems a great place to keep it when its dry...

Thanks, guys! You rawk!