June 24th, 2011


22 months Small Timeline.

 Im only 2 months away from 2 years and I couldn't be more in love with my dreads! Ive been dealing with quite a bit of pressure from my mom recently to get rid of them, but Ive never felt more strong in my conviction to keep them!  Shes always telling me they are ugly and dont suit me, that they are preventing me from finding a job, or that if she was hiring and had the choice between me and someone without dreads, she would chose them. Its ridiculous since Ive already found 2 jobs and got hired no problem. Just ended up not being the right jobs for me.  Uggg, sometimes its just so exhausting. I feel like they are a part of who I am. They are not just a way to express myself, but also a way of life. They are an extension of my being, and to compare it to changing cloths or something is insulting ( which she does on a regular basis). I understood going into this, that Yes, I may have a harder time finding a job and I might have to work twice as hard as others to get recognized. I may by treated differently because of them. I just didn't expect most of it to come from my family. The same goes for my tattoos, and my sleeve tattoo. They don't realize all these things are my choice and I didnt go into them on a whim, or spur of the moment. All my actions are for a reason. I feel like Im becoming the person I want to be, and they are constantly trying to shoot me down. Even though it hurts, I feel like its only making me stronger! I'm sorry for ranting, I just know that other dread heads will understand the feeling better than my friends without dreads. 

 But enough of the rage rant, I've applied to SAIT (Southern Alberta institute of Technology) to study and become a Sterile processing Technician!!! I'm really really exited to work towards a career finally! Ive been out of high school for 4 years and Finally decided it was time! 

 Well Without further delay Heres an update on my dreads along with a quick time line to show how far they have come!

Collapse )Collapse ) Ive been using my own soap on them for a while now  sort of testing it out. I have a small business selling bars of soap and decided one day (after running out of shampoo) to try it on my dreads.  I absolutely love it!  I hope its ok to whore out my business here, but if anyones interested in trying my soap just click here :)  Buy 2 get one free for the GUDU Community! Just message me through there if interested :)

I also have a large bottle of Dr. Bronners Almond if anyone would like it ($10+ship.).  Its never been used, I just got a whole bunch :P

Anyway,  Happy Dreading!