June 27th, 2011


Medusa Nouveau

Introducing yesterday's quick up-do, my boyfriend fondly referred to it as the "Medusa Nouveau." It was scraggly in ways I couldn't quite capture on camera, but it was a sight.

In any case, I threw my hair up last night to escape the heat of my sweltering Arizona bedroom, while diligently packing, and packing. I'm leaving, and headed back to Chicago in just a few hours time.

Which brings me to the next point, how many of you gudu'ers are in Chicago?
Let me know, and let's meet up! I'm always eager for new friends and connections. '

Much love!

A dreaded dread mullet (and fun weekend in Seattle)

So... I cant seem to get effective pictures! But I swear there are babies in this mass on the back of my head. 20 to be exact! The rest was sectioned and in band prepared to be dreaded... but I couldnt find anyone willing and they fell out. Hopefully this weekend a friend will be helping me out so I can ditch this awful dread mullet! I must admit tho that the little guys re holding up better than I thought for how short my hair is! Theyre 11 days old so far and mostly just as tight as they were the day I started them! Im still holding out hope to be an exception to length rules!


I was at Seattle Pride this weekend and saw so many pretty dreads! And many people gave me kind words of encouragement!

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