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[01 Jul 2011|12:03am]

rest in peace // adieu ma petits poils

They were only 11 months old but it was their time to die! My next set will be by neglect, rather than forcing my brown-smoke hair to do something other than it was born to do. Thank you all for your loving encouragement! This community is everything a good LJ community should be! XO

(an additional before/after shot in the comments)
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[01 Jul 2011|08:51am]
 Happy Canada Day to any Canadians in the crowd.

Summer.  I love summer.  I've been working at a non profit environmental education society and loving it.  
I know I haven't updated in ages.  We're coming up four years in a month so I'll really try to get my butt in gear and do a timeline then.
I just thought I would post two pictures from this past month.  They are down to my bum now.  It's crazy.  My hair in dreads is longer now than my loose hair that I started them with.  As long as my hair used to be when I was little.  It's exciting!

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[01 Jul 2011|05:01pm]
First of all - thank you. If it wasnt for this community i'd have given up some time ago.

I'd been wearing synthetic dreads for the last 7 years, taking them out for job interviews, formal occasions etc. Its a part of who i am that i have now decided to make permanant. So i took the plunge, i was taking out my synthetic dreads, backcoming each piece of hair as i took each synthetic dread out and learning how to palm roll along the way. I could have done certian things better, but have been fortunate enough to have some lovley friends (and you!) willing to help them out along the way. Also, Lotska - i owe you a huge thank you for your help and for introducing me to this community.

6 month time line.. pic heavy - safe for workCollapse )
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