July 11th, 2011

mr. butlertron

short intro post

Hi GUDU! I have been lurking here for a while. I've wanted dreadlocks for a few years now but only recently have I managed to stop shaving my head long enough to have them. They're a week old today. My hair has been trying to form knots for a while now, so not having to brush my hair anymore is WONDERFUL. It seems like it ought to be too soon to tell, but I already feel like this is how my hair was meant to be.

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I love the hell out of this community, btw. I could look at pictures of dreads all day, and there are definitely some beautiful sets here. :D

Chlorinated noodles

So I went swimming in a lake this weekend with friends and was reminded of how much I miss it. The gym that I go to has a pool but I've never made use due to my perhaps irrational fear of the chlorine seeping into my dreads and never coming out. Does anyone have any tips for either keeping my dreads dry or getting the chlorine out? In my own personal experience I've found swimming caps to be pretty ineffective. Much appreciated GUDU <3
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Hey everyone

I've just got a question for those of you with or formerly with dreadhawks. Mostly this applies to folks going from a full head of dreads to a dreadhawk.

Ever regret chopping??

I've got a friend who had the most gorgeous five year old dreads, then he cut them into a hawk, and shortly after he decided to chop them all together... now, I know that doesn't always happen. But, I've heard of it being the case with a lot of people and I'm curious about the subject. I'm considering shaving the other side of my head later tonight and trying not to regret the decision [which I've been toying with on and off since I started my dreads...]

So, pro's and con's of a dreadhawk, anyone??

I'm not sure if this has been talked about before, but I checked the mems and didn't find anything too close.

And so it's not all texty:

This morning I shaved this side down to skin and got rid of my brows again. :D

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Mildew and drying, seeking more advice...

I've scoured the memories, and so far I've got this:

**For stubborn-to-dry locks, buy a bonnet attachment for a hair dryer from a beauty supply.
**Vinegar, followed by baking soda rinse may help kill/clean out mildew.
**Sea salt spray may help inhibit future mildew growth.

Couldn't find it, but I also remember reading a post a long time ago that advocated the use of vodka for killing mildew and removing the smell, too. Specifically, I remember someone saying coffee vodka was all they had, that it worked like a charm, and they smelled like a latte for a few days after. ;p

The further advice I seek is this: my sweetheart's hair is locking up really nicely (4.5 months), but his under hair is curling up into tight little nightmarish balls of cute and suck. They look really nifty, but they hold moisture like crazy, waaaay longer than the rest of his hair, and they're the ones that smell like mildew.

If the mildew problem is setting in this early, we worry it will get out of hand as his locks mature more. Equally distressing is the fact that we live in a tent for most of the year, and access to power outlets (for hair dryers) is difficult at best, and impossible at worst. :/

Should we try cutting some of the hair and straightening out the little dreadballs?
Or just leave them be and see if the sea salt spray will do the trick?
Do you have further recommendations of mildew inhibitors we can apply to damp locks after a shower?

I suppose it's worth noting that we spend four months of hot weather in the terribly humid Finger Lakes and Hudson Valley regions of New York, and two months of early fall near equally hot and humid Houston, Texas.

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I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news

but I would be sorrier if I didn't post this.

I'm a reddit junkie and stumbled across a stolen picture of a GUDU member. I don't post here often, but I've been here for ages and don't like seeing our photos stolen and ridiculed.

Since I can't recall her livejournal name, I'm posting this here. The image and URL are both under the cut.

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