July 13th, 2011

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Pipe cleaner curls on locks of straight, limp hair?

Soooo, I started combing the memories for a How To Pack Your Headsnakes Into A Tam entry. (Found it! Yay! Thank you missbell53!)

Then I just started reading anything that looked interesting. I followed chescaleigh's How To posts to her You Tube channels, and stumbled into this beauty...

Pipe Cleaner Curls

This is glorious, and reminds me of when my grandmother used to put my hair up in pin curls when I was a wee little thing. I really want to try it sometime, but I have a burning question.

Have any of you tried this on hair that was board-straight before you locked it?

It may be a silly question. The fact that my hair is now locked (locking) may mean that everything I ever knew about How My Hair Behaves is now absolutely false, but I thought I'd ask anyway. When I was growing up, I was alotted three and only three options for hairstyles: ponytail, braid, or FCKINGHAIRSPRAYZOMG curls... that still fell two hours later.

So, I wanna try it. I hope it works. Just wondered if any of you have tried it?

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my babies are almost 1 year and 3 months-almost 9 months. I love them more and more each day. They amaze me so much, I am constantly touching, playing, and looking at them every chance I get. May I just say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY DREADS.

so I'm just going to post a beautiful picture of my babies at Lake Michigan when I was visiting my mom and brother in Chicago. My other brothers amazing girlfriend took this picture and I had no idea. I was in the middle of building a sand castle.

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glider rides & gorthok awesomeness

hi! joe & i took glider rides on sunday, & it was pretty epic. none of the glider photos or videos have dreads, but considering how many of you are world travellers, i thought you might appreciate them anyhow. these are over mount pilchuck in washington state.

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& because they go along so well (& to avoid breaking my own community rules), here is a fairly substantial photodump of gorthok doing the things he does when we're not together.

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