July 15th, 2011

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For those with bangs/fringe... I seek your experiences and wisdom.

Lish, crack a whip at me if you must. I supplicate myself before your great and awesome rule. ;)
If there's a memory post on this, I just haven't found it yet. Sorry!

I'm nearing 5 months into my second set of dreadlocks. This set is definitely easier for me, since I know what I'm getting into. It's funny, I have in some ways both more and less patience with this set, though, than the last one. I'm not freaking out over loops or loose hair (though I still feel a bit like an old troll doll!), and I'm not taking photos zomgeveryweek to track their progress.

I so sometimes fret when I realize I've been through all this messy stuff before and I know what more mature locks look and feel like. I'm some ways I want these locks to hurry up and be as old as my last set so I can continue where I left off. Bah!

What surprises me about this set is that I want to DO things with it. The last many years of my life have been a process of getting over the fear of changing my hair, and more toward the comfort to play with it, change it, and do drastic things to it without worrying or feeling awkward or regretful over it.

My locks aren't even mature yet and I keep wanting to shave the sides. Not quite all the way into a hawk, but more like an undercut, I think. I've also been thinking of combing out some of the ones up front and giving myself some bangs for the first time since I was in elementary school. My friend Kitty has the most amazing locks and beautiful long curly bangs, and I think it looks amazing on her. My hair is... well, straight and boring. I'm not sure bangs would look good, but I'm almost willing to try anyway.

My friend, Kitty. Isn't she fcking gorgeous? Gah! <3

I've found posts in the memories about washing bangs and keeping them looking nice. I've seen lots of posts where people have cut bangs from combed-out locks, and really looked good in them.

So I'm wondering about your experiences with fringe, those of you who have it. Do your locks try to eat your fringe? Are there trials and tribulations about maintaining brushable and locked hair on the same head? Would you recommend starting fringe early or waiting till other locks are more mature?

For those of you who later decided to lock up your fringe, what was it like for you having a few baby locks on a head full of more mature locks?

Mostly, I'm seeking personal experience and wisdom from those of you who've been there and done that.

Thanks guys. You rawk my sawks. ;)