July 24th, 2011

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Loose growth between sections... leave it or crochet it in?

This is perilously close to a noob entry, but I gotta ask... I've pawed through the loose hair and maintenance memories sections, and I couldn't quite find what I'm looking for. Lots of advice on not freaking out in the early stages, and on how to crochet in the latter stages. I'm kinda in-between. If I'm being silly, and I still need more of that patience stuff, just tell me and I'll hush. ;p

I've more or less made up my mind not to fck with this set as much as my last one. So far, I do my best to separate them on my own every time I wash them, and my sweetheart helps me with a serious eyeballs-on-head separation every couple of weeks. That's it.

At 5 months, I'm at the stage where it feels like everything's going backwards. I know it's not, but I'm still frustrated with what I see in the mirror. I can tell my locks are denser, that they're thatching less, and even the locks that came completely undone are finally starting to tangle on their own. Hurrah!

Then there's the loose hair. It seems to be multiplying on a quantum scale this month! **facepalm** Yes, I know everyone freaks out about it. I know that if I leave them alone, the loosies poking out of the sides of each lock will eventually get sucked in. I know this just takes patience.

What I'm curious about is the loose hairs between sections. These little short bits probably came about while ripping thatched hairs between locks. Some of them also grew in where other hairs fell out naturally.

So, for loose hairs between sections, should I leave them and trust they'll eventually get eaten up? Or should I take the time someday soon to stitch them in? If I should leave it for now, is there an age (8mo, 1 yr, etc) when this kind of maintenance would be good for my locks?

This photo isn't really helpful at all, but it shows an adorable kitten napping with me. ;)

I think the reason my hair is bugging me so much lately is partly because my sweetheart's locks are freshly crocheted and look like they've fast-forwarded in maturity. We talked at length about the pros and cons, and he decided he really, actually wanted his locks all crocheted. He likes the look, and I think it worked well with his hair texture. (A before and after photo, if you like.) So his hair is looking all discrete and locked, and his roots aren't thatching at all anymore... while my fuzzies seem to be multiplying. Hah! Such is life, I suppose. ;p