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[02 Aug 2011|09:05pm]
quick update at nearly a month old!Collapse )
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i feel like i should make my hair a cupcake [02 Aug 2011|11:31pm]
my baby dreads aren't so baby anymore. as of yesterday (aug 1st) they are a year old. i cant believe its been so long. thing one is a year and five months, and thing two is a year and three months. these days i love them more and more. but as my job hunt continues, i contemplate cutting them off and just leaving thing one because i want him with me forever. but then i discover little things that i've been dying to happen, like a dreadstashe, i can just tie two of my dreads together and i know in a few more months i'll have a full grown dreadstashe, so my thoughts of cutting subside.

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