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Lurking hard or hardly lurking? [04 Aug 2011|12:53am]
Dreadies Ive missed you all! Ive been lurking around a bit but I havent posted in quite a while. 

 Im sitting here waiting for my hair to dry before I fall asleep and I figured its about that time.


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[04 Aug 2011|02:50am]
[ mood | hungry ]

More and more people are commenting about my hair at work. Most of them ask me if I just started my dreads. I also give them a crazy look and then tell them they're almost a year. people don't know much about dreads it seems.

I cut six of my oldest dreads. I kept one, my fatty favorite. I'm enjoying my tiny undercut.

*heads up I'm in my birthday suit in a few photos.*

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Some dreads I made today [04 Aug 2011|09:36pm]
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