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Just one [06 Aug 2011|12:38am]
Hey everyone, hope your summer is going great!
So many fun summer pictures to post at a later date; but until then, here is one of my favourites. My dreads are just over 11 months in this picture. 1 year post soon! (or when I can drag myself out of the sun long enough to put a longer post together)

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new colours [06 Aug 2011|01:11am]

bleached some of my dreads and put lilac through them, then green over it, then turquoise here and there which stained the rest as i rinsed it out, and made them all go different colours.
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[06 Aug 2011|10:37am]
oh hi! here is a photo of my dreads, doubled & immense.

but this post is really just an excuse to brag about my flying lesson. details and pics and videos!Collapse )

woot! it was GREAT fun. i really enjoyed the ride & was tempted by further lessons, but there is no practical application in my life to be a pilot right now, so i eventually declined. but i will totally pick up a similar coupon to fly a helicopter or pretty much anything else if they come up. :D
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[06 Aug 2011|10:34pm]
Thanks for all the kind words about my last post! I will do a full post when I get all the photos back, which probably won't be for a month or so.
In the mean time...this picture pretty much sums me up, completely.

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[06 Aug 2011|10:39pm]
HULLO.  I haven't been on here in ages, probably because I've been dread-free for about four years.  BUT I'M BRINGING MY BABIES BACK.
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Also I'm in the process of looking for a second job and I wanted to know what kind of occupations people on here have, seeing as dreads are not always seen as "proper" or whatever.  And have any of you encountered any bias because of your hair?  Thanks!!!  Okay so are there any teacher's out there or people who take care of other people's kids?  Cause that's my current job and I'm going to school for education.
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