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Tomorrow 4 months! [13 Aug 2011|09:56pm]
I'm excited.
And bored. For almost the entire 2 years we've been together, my boyfriend and I haven't been apart more than a day (i'm spoiled, I know), and today he left without me on vacation to central Texas for a week. I couldn't join him because I have classes the last 2 days of the vacation and I can't miss my classes. :[ Blah blah, so now i'm stuck in a trailer for a week...just me and my kitties.
So, instead of working on the shit tons of homework that I have, i'm posting here.
Tomorrow will be my dreadies 4 month bday.
And on the 23rd will be MY bday! My 21st. Oh dear.
Annnnnnd yeah. I'm not sure if anyone rememebers the post I made in which I shared the little rescue kitten that found me....so here: http://get-up-dread-up.livejournal.com/6919257.html
Well, turns out HE is a SHE! And SHE is a freaking DEMON!!!! She's driving me nuts. She's very vocal and craves constant attention....I still love her though, and she's getting soooo big! And is a shoulder kitty. :D
Rant rant rant PICTURES.

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