August 20th, 2011

Bad Sectioning

My dreads are almost 5 years old, and recently I've really been noticing that the crappy sectioning is starting to show as they get heavier. All I could find in the memories was info about starting the sectioning or re sectioning baby dreads...but not ones this old. I find it impossible to work on my own dreads, my normal maintenance girl has moved, and Kijiji yielded no results I would trust my hair to! Boo. Does anyone have any tips with re-sectioning? If I can't figure it out...they are going to have to go :(
You can really see what I mean


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6 months

I'm sorry I don't have more photos, I'm sort of photo shy at the moment. Maybe I will gain more confidence as my dreads get longer. So far, all they've done is shrink a ton.

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I did a deep clean yesterday (making sure the water was hot enough to dissolve the baking soda, which is something I didn't understand how to do at first, lol...) also using salt, tea tree oil, and rice vinegar. Every deep clean recipe out there that includes vinegar specifies apple cider vinegar, but I don't have any on hand, while I do have some rice vinegar that I use for sushi. So I used the rice vinegar, and it didn't seem to leave any weird smell behind. Does anyone know if ACV has any extra benefits over other vinegars? Or if rice vinegar is somehow bad for hair?
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so we just got back from the east coast, where i had a pretty significant cutting done by ryan ouellette. if you'd like to see & read more about that, click here. anyhow, while we were there, we visited some tide pools, & atrophie snagged some photos of gorthok. i figured i'd copy them here for your dready pleasure. X)

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