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Allo GUDU!! [21 Aug 2011|01:49am]
Heyo GUDU!

So I'm one of those Lurkers whose been lurking so long I've been watching old Lurkers' awesome dreads grow over time. (Lurking
your Lurkers?) Annnny ways. I'm Jill.

More pics and my little storyCollapse )

Lish, You're fucking awesome
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Some Recent Pictures [21 Aug 2011|01:58pm]

moarmoarmoarCollapse )
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A story and an update [21 Aug 2011|05:41pm]
I went up to North Carolina this weekend to play in a river (and jump off a 15-foot-high rock into a swimming hole. You should try it some time.) At Denny's the first night the waiter at the next table was this really cute black guy with nerd glasses and a baby dreadhawk. He was working the register when we paid, and I told him his hair was awesome and he said "ditto." He especially liked my purple wool bits and we talked about having colored hair in the workplace. That was the first time I've talked about dreads with a stranger, so I'm off to a good start :D

My dreads will be 2 months on Thursday and they're going absolutely crazy, which I love and hate. The wild loops are fun; the loose hairs that hang in my face, not so much. We have had Words and they've agreed to stop falling out at the tips provided that I demand absolutely nothing of them for the next year or so. In the meantime I have a dazzling array of headbands to keep them wrangled, so it's just a waiting game.
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cool stuff [21 Aug 2011|08:55pm]
check out my dread wraps at www.yarnbanger.etsy.com

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The Glee Project [21 Aug 2011|10:41pm]
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Dreadaline... trapalocks...? [21 Aug 2011|10:42pm]

Flying child....Collapse )
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