August 23rd, 2011


Just A Thought...

How many of you are not on your first set of dreads?

My friend had dreads for 6 years and then cut them off when she moved here to California because of job opportunities.  Well she kept her dreadies and decided to crochet them back on.  But this time, she did the layered method of sectioning rather than what she had before which was the part down the center.  

Has anyone here ever reattached their dreads as a whole new set?  I've never known anyone to do this before her, but it really worked to her benefit.   They look great!

I'm considering this myself.  I'm coming up on 9 years and while I absolutely love my babies, there are definitely things about them that I wish I could change.  Perhaps a cut off and reattachment is in order?  

Does anybody know of any risks involved with this sort of procedure?  

I know that I need some maintenance as well as I have loose hair and I would like to do something to thicken up my roots, cuz while I have luscious dreads, they are thin up top.  I dunno if that can even be remedied. 

Anyways. Just some food for thought!  

Blessings to you all <3 
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