August 24th, 2011

compliments and laughter

Yesterday I was at the dr. office when I received a cool compliment. This woman came up behind me and exclaimed, "Great dreads! I love them. How long did they take you?"

I told her that I had them for just over a year and she said they were "kickass" before going on her merry way. It was the first compliment I've had from a stranger.

Then later on that day my son had a dr. appointment. Usually when I go there I have my dreads up in a bun or something. So his dr never really saw them (no reason for it...just happened that way). Yesterday when he walked in the room he looked at me and started laughing hysterically.

He told me I had something on my head. When I reached up it was one of my dreads. The rest were behind my back. I pulled the rest of my dreads out to the front and he laughed even harder.

I gave him an odd look and said, "They're just dreads."

He regained his composure and told me that they looked good.

Oh well, had a compliment by one person and was laughed at by another all in the same day. Gotta love it.

Note: before anyone goes hating on my son's ped. let me say that yes, he is an ass. He's insulted me many times while making it not sound like an insult. I don't think he's mean. He just doesn't have a filter and says the first thing he thinks of, without thinking about what it is he's saying. I don't really care as he's a good doctor and besides we're moving in 2 months anyway.