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2 Month update! [29 Aug 2011|02:43pm]
My dreadies are about 2 months old now and they're getting craaaazy wiggles!

More below cut:
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Intro-ish [29 Aug 2011|02:55pm]
I posted maybe two or three years ago about starting a set of dreads, but never actually got to it.

So here I am, ten weeks into my second set of neglect dreads. My first set lasted maybe ten weeks as well, but in a bout of... I don't even know what... I combed them all out. The next day I started this set. This time I'm pretty confident that I won't go nuts again and comb them all out, as it's been ten weeks of regrets and trying to catch up with myself.

I should say that my hair knots at super sonic speed and I never expected this sort of progress in this short of a time.

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