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Experience with cutting dreadlocks? [31 Aug 2011|02:10am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Long time no post! I'm back and in search of somebody in the San Fransisco Bay area who has experience with cutting dreadlocks and styling afro hair? I've had my locks for about a year and they've formed naturally, and mainly by neglect. Right now some of them are thin and growing in sporadically. Needless to say I'm very much over them and interested in a fro hawk of sorts. I'm SUPER nervous to trust just anybody with cutting my hair cause I feel like I might end up with a "bad" hair cut. I've been searching for somebody who has awesome visualization skills so they can help me with ideas for new hair styles. I live in Willits (about 4 hours north of San Fran) but I am willing to travel!!! And I am willing to trade with cash or gems!!! PLEASE let me know if you have any ideas!!! OH and I'd love to post some pictures, though I don't have a camera and I can't remember how to load pictures onto here! Let me know if you'd like to see photos that I have on facebook, maybe it could help!!

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When does the narwhal bacon? [31 Aug 2011|08:38am]
So, I decided to make a rage comic...my first one ever.
For those of you unfamiliar...

I'm sure we can all relate.

Also...a pic of me in infrared!

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Summer in Photo Form :) [31 Aug 2011|10:33am]
Adventures Abound! Love and Light to you all! <3:D

Breaking Free

follow me to the land of magic rainbow wonder... (NSFW and super photo heavy)Collapse )
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Quick Progress Update!! (Lots of pictures) [31 Aug 2011|11:27pm]
Allo GUDU!!

I didn't expect to be posting here so soon again, but I had a really shitty week and you guys help me think of more awesome things.

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