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Been Too Long [01 Sep 2011|12:33am]
I feel like it's been forever since I've been on Livejournal. I haven't had the internet at home since my husband and I split this Spring and I moved out and using the internet on my phone kind of sucks most of the time. But, with roommates moving in this weekend, I'll probably be getting the 'net again, so yay. I come bearing.. Crappy cell phone photos!


2.5 year dreads + a new tattooCollapse )

Sidenote: If anybody is within reasonable driving distance of Troy, MI (aka, you drive to me), I'd love to photograph you in the face. Not with my cell phone, though. (http://www.jaclynmicheleblog.com) So hit me up and it'll be awesome.
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Bed bugs [01 Sep 2011|12:18pm]
So, I got booked for this show in Cape Cod. The organizers of the show put us up in a hotel, which has bed bugs. CRAP!
We told the hotel and they switched our rooms, so in total we spent 2 nights in infested beds. I plan on treating all my clothes and luggage before I go back to my house, but I'm not sure what to do about my hair, or if I even need to do anything.

Have any of you had experiences with bed bugs and dreads? Are the bugs going to hang out in my hair?
I had lice two years ago and got rid of them with rubbing alcohol, which was awful but really did the trick. Do I need to do something like that again?

Any thoughts would be helpful, thanks!
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fun stuffz! [01 Sep 2011|07:42pm]
The doctor told me STAY OFF YOUR FOOT! so I'm trying ever so hard to entertain myself in bed, foot elevated as much as humanly possible...SO DIFFICULT! But, as a result, I have some more rainbow joy to spread and time for the posting for such things. :D

Here's a little...injured entertainment for your eyeholes! (NSFW)Collapse )

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