September 4th, 2011

pray for nothing

Dread dying question....

I could really use the advice of those of you lovely people who have had your dreads for a number of years and have consistently dyed them. I have damage questions, or better, an advice question.

My ladies are 3-4 years and I bleached them long ago, have dyed them several times, and am about to do it again. I bleached my bangs and dyed them a spunky blue color, and now I feel terribly mismatched with my fading, brownish/and somewhat colorless dreadlocks. I want to dye them black, but this is a commitment thing I feel. I will have to regularly dye them black, maybe bi-yearly. I am going to a local salon for this purpose and a woman who had dyed black dreads for 16 years will be doing the job. I am worried that I will not only have to just touch up the roots as they grow, but redye the entire set often as my dreads do not seem to hold professional grade dye for a whole year.

Has anyone had any negative experiences with over dying? Does this seem like I will run into issues? I am not ready to part with them anytime soon, but this new color situation needs to change. I would love advice, anecdotes, even tales of horror. I need to make a decision.

Just to be clear, I do not feel like my dreads are about to fall off, but I know they have damage already.

Sorry no pictures, will come later.
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