September 7th, 2011


Dreadpeople In Need.

I was looking up suspension and places near me to suspend on sites recommended by a fellow GUDU user, and I came across a story that tore at my heart strings and made me want to help...since these people are in need of help and fellow dreadies, I thought I's share. I don't think I'm breaking any rules here, let me know and I'll fix whatever I need to to keep this up!

The story is of a couple, Jill & Arwen who got in a car crash and Arwen had a lot of injuries...he sustained a traumatic brain injury, and the bills from the hospital and rehabilitation are racking up. Also, Jill is pregnant.

This couple seems so sweet and happy and loving, and thanks to donations already made, they were able to finally fly Arwen back home very carefully!

If you are able to donate, even a little, I am sure it would be appreciated, a great opportunity for a good deed!

Here's the link to the info:

And even though this post IS sort of dread related, I am including a couple of pics of my 2 month old babies, just for fun!

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mr. butlertron

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The very first time I left the house without a hat on after starting my dreads, when they were like a week old, I walked to a nearby corner store and on my way back a dude leaned out of his car window and yelled, "hey retard, wash your fucking hair!"

Obviously random strangers don't get to decide what I do with my hair, but I keep wearing a hat because I've been feeling preemptively annoyed with being harassed. It's only happened the one time but it was disheartening that it was the very first time I showed my hair in public. :<

Ever since, I keep getting kind of self-conscious about going out without a hat on. I know they're doing well and I think they look pretty good so far, but I just don't want dumb comments about my hair, it's kind of a downer. I think I'll probably be able to handle it better as they continue to mature -- my set is only just two months old. Reading this community has helped me deal with my hair-related frustrations a LOT, and I'm glad to have had it as a resource to show me what realistic expectations are. :)

I'm in something of a love-hate relationship with my dreads at the moment, but I'm still so happy to watch them get better with time! Even when I'm annoyed by them, I still know they're right for me.

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