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This is what I did last night. [11 Sep 2011|07:10am]
[ mood | woot! ]

Crappy photo, I know, but I just finished rinsing and couldn't wait to show off the results.

In a related story, my shower now resembles the scene from Psycho if the victim had been a My Little Pony.

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dreads & ink [11 Sep 2011|11:31am]
some pics of my dreads from the past month or so. i'm not sure how i even got this to stay in place, but it was pretty steady:

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& recently i decided to show more of my tattoos. (don't make a big annoying deal of it.) you can check my art page as they're linked, but i kept this photo specifically to share with you guys. note it's a bit NSFW for strict business places.

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OH MAN ITS BEEN A WHILE. [11 Sep 2011|12:13pm]
My dreads will be 3 years old this November. I can't believe it's been so long! But I have some recent pics including this one, that shows my sweet basket up-do that my friend from south africa taught me while we were both teaching at a summer camp in Maine. 

For the record, I am wearing clothes, you just can't see them ;)  

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