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Hennarific. [15 Sep 2011|05:58pm]
I've been toying with the idea of dying all but maybe two (to keep proof that I am indeed a natural blonde) of my dreads with henna. I've really loved the two-toned hair, but trying to keep so many blonde ones blonde while I'm dying the hennaed ones is a pain in the arse. So many have patches here and there of henna. Being a tad bit of a perfectionist, it sorta irks me. Not to mention I have a thing for red hair. I lovelovelove it and really wish I would have been born with red hair instead of blonde at times. My mom's a redhead but I guess I missed the trait. I've asked a couple people what they think and they've said it'll look good, just too intense since I have dreads. Any opinions? I would appreciate some cause as of right now I'm at a stalemate trying to figure out what to do with my hair.

Here are a couple pictures for referenceCollapse )
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