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wedding hair [16 Sep 2011|12:24pm]
I thought I would share some photos from my wedding. I put my dreads in a big bun with a wrap.
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Chescalocs promo [16 Sep 2011|08:24pm]

I just made a super short stop animation promo video for my hairstyle channel featuring some of my favorite styles and thought I would share :) it took me a little over an hour to do all of these styles and I shot around 200 photos and then edited it down to about 150 for the video. Enjoy!

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Creating a New Reality [16 Sep 2011|08:24pm]
I recently moved back with my family in Maine to recover from a severe injury I sustained to my foot. I haven't really been able to get out of the house much so I've been doing a lot of photo documentation of the new life I am creating.

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5 month update! :D [16 Sep 2011|10:17pm]
Semi photo heavy.
I was recently the model for my Advanced Lighting class at the Art Institute, andddd since I haven't really taken any photos of myself lately because of my hectic school schedule, here are the photos from the shoots I was in! :D Behind the scenes and some finals.

Also, i've decided to give you guys a glimpse of what I have to  choose to live with.

Soooo onward to the photos! 
First, at the beginning of the month, I did my first deep cleaning. It felt...sooo....good. booyakasha!Collapse )
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