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October post [21 Oct 2011|03:46pm]
Hi GUDU!  how are you all today?  I wanted to post some recent pictures,  and a timeline!  i just love timelines :)

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[21 Oct 2011|09:43pm]
So, this is a mildew scare-post plus ideas pertaining to treatment.

I have been smelling mildew in my hair everyday lately for the last week.
Here are the facts:
I wash my hair once a week on my day off- proceed to wring out all excess water, and then dry my hair for the following 2-4 hours (with breaks in-between).
I think the problem may be with the felted wool woven inside about 8 of my dreads.. Also my dreads are coming to about 1 year and half and they are really starting to get thick.
I am going to try a vinegar treatment and start using salt spray - but I would really like to get to the root of the problem.
So I read somewhere on here that bleach dissolves wool. This is where I really need advice, because this sounds like it may be very dangerous to the dreads with wool in them. Like they might fall apart or something.

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