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Loc Knots tutorial feat. Oprah's BFF, Gayle King! [22 Oct 2011|08:50pm]

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Oho! It's been far too long [22 Oct 2011|11:30pm]
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Was hanging at a cafe, and someone asked me about my dreads... and I realised it's been round about exactly 16 years since I first stopped brushing my hair, and began the first steps to natural (neglect) dreads. Nearly half my life!
And funnily, I don't have a good recent dread-photo to commemorate, but I was at a party last night and someone snapped a shot that does, at least, show off my hair in a wrap in profile.
I think it's probably SFW (though does contain kissing and corsetry) so I'll just post a link to the pic, just in case anyone thinks it's naughty

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