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Yay for flannel! [25 Oct 2011|03:55pm]
Has anyone else noticed their baby dreads suddenly feeling much happier since the transition to flannel pillowcases and sheets since the weather's changed? Mine are definitely cheering about the whole thing. They did not much like the silky things I used all summer.

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[25 Oct 2011|06:08pm]
Everyone, I'd like you to meet Jenny.
The best baby goat ever.


I love upstate New York.Collapse )
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[25 Oct 2011|11:44pm]
i dyed my lil locks!  i had a student ask me on monday if the color was different because i "used paint?"  aw children, how i love you so.

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i'm so pleased with how they are coming along and am definitely happy about the color change.  it's getting colder and blonde just felt too much like a summer color for me. 
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