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Halloween costume... [27 Oct 2011|08:42am]
I've been working on my 'do' for halloween hehe can't wait!

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[27 Oct 2011|01:07pm]
Dreadie update! About 2 months old :) First post can be found here: http://get-up-dread-up.livejournal.com/6987647.html


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[27 Oct 2011|05:12pm]
Hey guys just figured id post some fun fall dread pics!
they are 1 year 8 months now. this is my third set. having dreads on and off for the past 4 years. offically now this is my longest set :) and i am in love with them. Ive been totally creeping on everyones dread pictures for the last hour!!!and everyones dreads look super great! im jealous of all the colors and styles! im sick today on my day off from work, i just got promoted to sales supervisor at Spencer Gifts, im now officially a key holder! woot woot, our store is in desperate need of a store manager due to ours transfering to a new store in NM, lucky. so anyone in the NJ area come apply please! lol. ive been working soooo much cause theres only me and the AM, and a new SS trainee. PLUS working on my clothing line still! ill post some pictures of the things ive been working on!! clothing line drops in NOV officially. hopefully doing the PHISH NYE run! def doing Furthur Nov 10 & 12. see some ya dreadies there?? hope yall are ready for my usual once in a while photo dump! and like always it will take me a few tries to get the LJ cut link right.
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