October 28th, 2011

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hello friends :) I started this journal so I could be a part of the gudu community, and maybe share some of my dreadsperiences. so here's the story on me and my dreads...


I'm Candi, I'm currently 22 and I've been working at a bowling alley since I was 17. I don't bowl, but my grandpa does and he told me about the opening there, and I've been there ever since. Not that I'm proud of working at a bowling alley, but I've kept a job for 6 years and they are very lenient on most things, so right now it works. I am, however, trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. And it doesn't involve bowling at all.


I've recently found myself exploring a whole new world of inner peace and happiness, which got me thinking about getting dreadlocks. I've always liked the look, and my transition to a more peaceful lifestyle begged for a change in other areas of my life. So I finally took the plunge into dreadiness after my first yoga class.


My dreads were finally born on Friday the 13th of May, 2011. I did it all myself, when I had a week off from work, and since my hair is down to my belt, it took me almost the whole time - 5 days!! My arms were sooo tired on the last day, my scalp hurt from all the backcombing, and I had some cuts and calluses on my fingers from the comb, but it sure was worth it! I've done a lot of research since I'm pretty OCD about most things, and here's how I've decided to go about things:


-Backcombed on clean hair, by day 5 of backcombing it was pretty greasy so the final few dreads didn't lock up quite as well as the others.
-First wash was a few days after I finished my whole head. I should have waited another week maybe, but my head was itching SOOO bad I couldn't take it anymore. I used Dr. Bronners eucalyptus diluted 12/1 with water. I liked the clean feeling it left, but after a short time, I realized it was leaving residue inside my dreads, which came out as some weird grey stuff on my palms when I palmrolled. I just finished the bottle, and I'm going to be using baking soda until I find something I like better than Dr. B's.
-After some loose hairs, bumps, loops, curls, and other inconsistencies, a lot of research told me to just "leave it alone" and things would sort themselves out. So after the first two months, I did almost NO maintenance except trying to crochet some smaller dreads to keeps loose hairs in. Both decisions were bad ones- I have mad loops and flat dreads from not palmrolling, and the small crocheted dreads should have been combined early. The crocheting seemed to only hinder the locking process, and left really strange small loops in the already tiny dread. These smaller ones are currently in the process of being combined - just did a couple today, working on separating the back of my head to find the other tiny dreads before they get sucked into 5 other dreads and start congos on me. Which is another reason I should have maintained after every wash - now the dreads in the back are eating each other and have like 5 loops in one spot, surrounding the perimeter of the dread... like a loop tutu... lol! But it is no fun to try to manage.


Alright that's enough talking for now I think... more to come later on... here are some pictures:

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hey gudu,

I'm trying to educate myself about making dreads in knappy hair. I have a bi-racial niece and it seems like there is a constant battle with her hair, and dreadlocks might be a good option for her. Right now her hair is chemically straightened/relaxed, and not too long. From my searching on google and you tube, it seems like there are a ton of different methods for doing dreads on this hair type. I'm finding stuff about interlocking, multiple ways of twisting, extensions, back-combing, braids... Basically, its kind of overwhelming and I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a resource that has reliable information on all the different methods for locking knappy hair. GUDU is my one excellent source of info for my dreads (I'm white), but unfortunately the information here for african american hair is not quite adequate. I'm hoping someone knows of a site that outlines the different methods and has pictures of how they look. Does this resource exist? I want to be able to present all the different options my niece has for her hair so she can decide what she wants to do for herself!

Here is one helpful website I found, but it could be organized better: http://fromgrandmaskitchen.com/Natural-Hair-Beauty/categories/Dreadlocks/
and this one, which I think has been linked in the memories before:

thanks guys