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[29 Oct 2011|04:06am]

Silly pictures of me after I combined a few dreads and did some slight crocheting. I'm very happy with the results so far; thanks lish for showing how to seamlessly combine dreads! Worked amazingly, now I have 30 exactly, but that number will most likely go down very soon... have a couple more in the back that need attention, and I can't see what I'm doing back there to make sure the combination looks okay at the roots. Anyway, pics here:


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Oh yea, way to go Cards!!! It was a stellar comeback!! World Champs baby! =D

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FOUR! [29 Oct 2011|09:42am]
TODAY is the day my dreads turn four years old! i have lots of new photos to share, & i also compiled a timeline jpeg for your viewing pleasure.

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Oooh! [29 Oct 2011|07:21pm]

Look what I just figured out!


Dreadscarf! =D

Haha cool!


Now I just need to do something about these loose ends.

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