October 30th, 2011

silly ostrich

Dread Horror Stories!

So it's getting close to Halloween and I figured I would share a rather scary dread experience I had. Sorry, no pictures though.

About a year ago I met someone with fantastic dreads. They were about 7 years old at the time I met him and upon looking at them closer they were well maintained and just overall really well done. No looping through the roots, he used a crochet hook for his loose hairs. So I asked him if he could do some cleanup with my roots. He agreed and when he started everything was going all fine and dandy. He cleaned up all of my loose hairs quickly and rather painlessly. I was pretty satisfied. Until the end. I heard him take something out of his pocket and say something along the lines of "and now a quick trick I do to keep the loose hair from escaping" or something like that. I asked him what it was doing but it was too late. He put super glue in my hair. He said he did it all the time to his hair but I don't remember feeling any hard spots when going through his dreads. Thankfully he only got to one dreadlock before I freaked out and pulled away, and only a small amount. But still, not cool.
The glue has since hardened and is still in my hair (I can't really cut it out because it would leave the dread too thin in that place and I might lose half of my dread) and isn't too much of a bother. Occasionally I find it when I run my fingers through my hair and it's an interesting reminder of how long my hair has grown since then.

Anyone else have any scary dread stories?