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Potential mold problem.... HALP [18 Nov 2011|07:26pm]
So basically I just noticed over the past few days that what i thought was a coating of dust over some stuff in my room... was actually dust that had turned to mold. Probably from moisture in the air now that's it's coming into winter.

I spent all of today cleaning it off books, farbic and other random stuff. Then got paranoid about spores getting into my dreads, so I washed them for the first time in maybe a month or two.... Iused shampoo for the first time in over a year and some pure neem powder.

I used a hairdryer on them but they are still a bit damp...and I just had to go out to the shop so I put on my hat. Afterwards I thought of how it had been damp a few times recently because of the rain, and I usually set it on my bookcase where all the other moldy stuff was.... it didn't look moldy but I sniffed and and oh shit... there's that mildew/moldy smell.

I seem to vaguely recall someone saying that dreads go moldy if they get re-wetted after already being damp..... so now I don't know what to do, should I wash them again?? I got my housemate to sniff my dreads and he said they just smell like hair, so it seems they have avoided getting moldy up to this point...but now I'm really worried that now I've actually caused the potential for mold because of putting the hat on over slightly damp dreads. :S

Ugh please advise me, I don;'t know what to do and I've got to go out soon, hopefully it won't rain tonight :S
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[18 Nov 2011|08:46pm]
hi gudu! here are some pics of gorthok from his recent trip around & up to banff for the mountain film festival, & updates on my hawk cutting.

mount assiniboine:

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[18 Nov 2011|10:23pm]
So I am a tad late for a halloween post, but as they say better late then never eh?!
My dreads will be two years in December, I will probably make a year post for it.
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