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Autumn.. [23 Nov 2011|09:33pm]
[ mood | calm ]

New more autumnal colour, and a surprise :)Collapse )

Better (closer!) photos of my hair coming soon, I'm currently cameraless as mine is broken, so I borrowed my mother's and lost it :(

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Baking Soda Shampoo Additives for Daily or Deep Clean Use [23 Nov 2011|11:53pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Oh, hello there! I was just cleaning my hair for the holiday and getting my apartment as well as myself ready for guests.

So I've been talking for awhile about making another post about stuff you can stick in no-poo regiments and my reviews on them. Most of you know that I no-poo and you should also know I have a finicky scalp that I'm always trying something new to appease it with. Here are some more alternatives or experiments you can throw in with your normal washing or even deep cleaning that might help you out.

list of common additives I use and some tips on how I use themCollapse )

That's it! Hope that helps some of you guys out, it's nothing super new to the community. If anyone has anything else to try out, lemme know! I'm always a willing guinea pig. :D

I've been trying to document some of the things I decorate my hair with and want to make a post about them too. We'll see if that happens soon. Maybe, at least some recent pics. journalface and I were in this bitchin' community dance project she directed so there's tons of pics of us dancing about, including a video. I need to get on it!

P.S. I'm making most of my dread-related posts now on my tumblr. I know, I'm a sell out.

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