November 28th, 2011


What to look for/not look for in maintenance?

So as much as I would love to fly out to Lish every few months for maintenance, I live in Virginia and won't be able to get to Seattle until next September.

In the meantime, I probably need someone else to help me out with my dreads. VA is not a huge dread center, so I'm pretty nervous about going to a stranger and having them do something terrible to my hair.

I know I should make sure to ask about rootflipping, wax, super glue and such, but are there other sneaky techniques I should be careful of?

I know about the crochet method for creating dreads, but the idea of using that to maintain them kind of flips me out...isn't it just rootflipping down the whole length of the dread?

I do what I can by myself but I have a hell of a time seeing the back of my own head, even with several mirrors.

Thank you guys in advance! c:

p.s. I'm at 4 months currently, and will still let them go another month or two before having anyone pick at em.

7 1/2 Month update! :D

Soooo many loops! This is just a few. I kind of want to count how many there are.

There's still a lot of undreaded hair inbetween the root and tip on a lot of them. A few months ago, there were a ton like that, but now, those are the extremely loopy ones. So I have hope! I just really...really hope that some of these loops disappear before my hair becomes one big loop.

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