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hi! [26 Dec 2011|12:20am]
my babies turn three in march. :)

so here's a moderately-sized photodump.

tonz o pixerzCollapse )
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[26 Dec 2011|09:26am]
seems like every year i make these because of this.

that means it's gorthok's & my anniversary! :D five years today, gudu.

montage of lurrrrveCollapse )

details on our anniversary celebrations will be up on my lj soon. enjoy!
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just a quick growth update. [26 Dec 2011|04:08pm]
my how you've grown!Collapse )
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[26 Dec 2011|05:23pm]
oh hi! while gorthok & i were in canada this past weekend, we visited the vancouver aquarium. the place was dark & the flash bounced off everything, so the photos aren't fantastic, but i did the best i could with a high ISO. i figured you guys would be amused anyhow...

joe and fishCollapse )

& a bonus shot of joe in food coma after our amazing xmas eve dinner (details in my next lj post):

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