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X-Mas eve photo dump! [28 Dec 2011|02:02am]
Christmas eve was freaking awesome, as I recall. 
I decided to let my bf's sister play with my camera for the night, so I taught her a few things and let her run wild.
Eventually, another photographer friend got a hold of my camera and took over.
After forfeiting my camera, fun ensued.
This will serve as my 8 1/2 month update/x-mas eve photo dump. 

Photos are not in order, but meh.

Mas below. :DCollapse )

Apparently I had a really great night...because I don't remember a large chunk of these photos happening, and I got a drunken living room tattoo. My "Party Dots", I recall getting them because I wanted something simple as a reminder to myself to STOP thinking so much.
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