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Goodbye 2011 [31 Dec 2011|11:00am]
The end of the year seems like an appropriate time to post some pictures of some fun i've had in the past few months. Happy end of 2011 everyone!

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[31 Dec 2011|02:04pm]

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First post: http://get-up-dread-up.livejournal.com/6987647.html
Second post: http://get-up-dread-up.livejournal.com/7008219.html#cutid1
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because beach [31 Dec 2011|07:22pm]
Happy New Year, GUDU! I went to California for Christmas and thought it'd be cool to share my favorite photos.
My sister bought me a fisheye camera for my birthday (christmas eve). I ruined most of the first roll of film, but there are some goodies such as this...

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Feel free to read my latest personal-LJ post for a recap of my 2011, or browse through the album on photobucket for more of my family's Palm Springs pictures. See you in 2012!
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